Having a perfect watch is something desired by every man and woman, and many of us believe that once we have that perfect watch, it will work forever. However, if not cared for properly over time and misused, what seems to be a symbol of elegance and sophistication can turn into an unused item tossed aside. Therefore, here are the things to pay attention to when using our watches:

  1. During the use of watches, especially in the summer months, our wrists sweat, which can damage the alloys of the watch. Pay attention to the steel alloy used in the watches. Since sweat can damage the mechanism and cause the watch to stop, try to wipe the watch with a dry cloth when your wrist sweats.

  2. Never open the case of the watch unless there is a problem, and even if it needs to be opened, it should only be done by authorized technical services. When you or someone unfamiliar interferes with the watch, it may lead to dust entering and damaging the parts of the mechanism.

  3. Never sleep with the watch on your wrist. It is harmful to both your health and the watch. It can damage the glass of the watch and the internal mechanism. Therefore, it is recommended to take off your watch before sleeping.

  4. When you remove your watch from your wrist, it continues to work for 12 hours. To adjust the time, you either need to wear the watch on your wrist or shake it.

  5. We do not recommend bringing your watch close to magnets, electronic devices, or televisions, as it may damage the watch mechanism.

  6. In automatic watches, the most crucial point is the annual maintenance. Dust particles that can enter the watch can cause it to slow down or stop. It is essential to have the watch mechanism disassembled, gears lubricated, and maintenance performed by authorized technical services once a year.

Case Color
Cord Width
20 mm
Case Diameter
40 mm
Cord Color
316L Steel Cord
Water Resistance
3 ATM Water Resistance
Japon Miyota (Pilli)
Kasa Materyali
316L Çelik Kasa
Kasa Şekli
Yuvarlak Kasa
Kadran Rengi
Garanti Süresi
2 Yıl Mekanizma Garantili
Hardlex Mineral Cam
Beden Tablosu
Kişiselleştirme Örnekleri
Hediye Paketi Örnekleri
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