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All internet users who enter, become a member and shop on the e-commerce site will be deemed to have read and accepted the following "membership agreement" rules. is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages that may arise due to breach of contract, tort, or other reasons, due to entering the e-commerce site, using the site or the information and other data programs etc. on the site. reserves the right to change all kinds of services, products, conditions of using the site and the information provided on the site without prior notice, to reorganize the site, to stop the publication. Changes take effect at the time of publication on the site. These changes are deemed to be accepted with the use of the site or access to the site. These conditions also apply to other linked web pages., as a result of breach of contract, tort, negligence or other reasons; does not accept any responsibility for interruption of the transaction, error, negligence, interruption, deletion, loss, delay of transaction or communication, computer virus, communication error, theft, destruction or unauthorized entry, modification or use of records.

This website may contain links or references to other websites that are not under the control of is not responsible for the content of these sites or any other links they contain.

All information, images, www. brand and other brands, domain name, logo, icon, demonstrative, technical data presented in written, electronic, graphic or machine readable form, computer software on the website with its general appearance and design on the site belong to, in case of use, sharing or copying, LEGAL action will be initiated. reserves the right to update the content of this disclaimer page at any time and advises its users to visit the disclaimer - agreements page every time they enter the site.

Members or Users declare and undertake that the personal and other information they provide while becoming a member of is legally correct, and that will fully and immediately compensate all damages that may incur due to the untruthfulness of this information.

Members or Users accept and undertake from the beginning to comply with the provisions of the legal legislation and not to violate them while using the website. Otherwise, all legal and criminal liabilities that may arise shall be fully and exclusively binding on the Users or Members.

Members or Users may not use the website in any way that disrupts public order, violates public morality, disturbs and harasses others, for an illegal purpose, infringes the intellectual and copyright rights of others. In addition, the member cannot engage in activities (spam, virus, etc.) and transactions that prevent or make it difficult for others to use the services. shall not be responsible for any unauthorized reading of member data and any damage to member software and data. Members and Users have agreed in advance not to claim compensation from for any damages they may incur due to the use of the website.

Through the Website, links may be provided to other websites and/or other contents that are not under the control of and/or owned and/or operated by other third parties. These links are provided to provide ease of orientation to Users and Members and do not support any website or the person operating that website. It does not constitute a statement or guarantee of any kind regarding the information contained in the linked website. has no responsibility for the websites and their contents accessed through the links on and any damages that may arise from the use of these sites are the sole responsibility of the Users and Members. reserves the right to change all kinds of services, products, campaigns, etc. available on this site and site extension and the information and terms of use and the information offered on without prior notice, to rearrange and its content, to stop and/or pause the publication. Changes become effective upon their publication on and use of or access to constitutes acceptance of these changes. These conditions also apply to other linked web pages. The member agrees to receive weekly bulletins and campaign announcements by e-mail if approved.

The parties accept and declare that all computer records belonging to shall be taken as the sole and real exclusive evidence in accordance with Article 287 of the HUMK and that such records constitute an evidence contract. does not accept any liability for late performance or non-performance of the obligations in this "membership agreement" of in all cases deemed legally force majeure. In these cases, which are deemed to be legally force majeure, it will not be possible for users to claim compensation from under any name or name due to delay or non-performance or default. Users or Members accept and declare this situation in advance.

Disputes arising from this Membership Agreement and the use of services on are subject to Turkish Law and Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized.

This Website Terms of Use and Membership Agreement shall become effective on the date it is announced by to the Users or Members in its content. Users and Members accept the provisions of this agreement by using the site. may change the provisions of this agreement at any time, the changes are published on by specifying the version number and date of change and enter into force on the same date.

Membership transactions:

You can become a member of our site free of charge. Shopping cannot be done without being a member of our site.

To become a member of, you must click "I want to become a member" on our homepage and fill in the relevant fields on the page that opens. In order to complete your membership process completely, you must open the "Membership Confirmation Mail" sent to your e-mail address you provided during membership and click the "Complete Membership" button. At the end of these transactions, your membership will be completed.

In order for your membership to be active, you must open the "Membership Confirmation Mail" sent to the e-mail address you entered during the completion of the membership form and click the "Complete Membership" button. At the end of this process, your membership will be completed.

To change your password, after logging into the system, you can create a new password using the "User Information" tab in the "My Account" section.


At, we attach great importance to the privacy and rights of our visitors. In every area where you can interact with us through our site, we take the following steps to keep your privacy and security at the highest possible level.


-Comment areas
-Contact page
-Facebook Page
-Comment Field
Your e-mail addresses are never shared with third parties in the Comment section, which is the first area where you can interact on our site. The reason for requesting your e-mail address here is the need to communicate with you outside the comment areas.
Contact Page
You can reach the site officials and editors through this page. You must enter your e-mail address in order to get back to you. This information is also kept completely confidential for your security and rights.


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