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Product Personalization

For personalization, simply enter the letters or first and last name you want to print in the "Enter personalization note" field above the Add to Cart and Buy Now button. Since the text written in the customization field is taken into account, please do not enter unnecessary and extra characters, our company is not responsible for printing errors due to incorrectly entered characters.

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100% Calfskin

It is high quality genuine leather, gaining a natural appearance over time and gaining a pleasant appearance.

100% Genuine Leather

The inside of the phone is designed as a velvet interior design.

This model (Magnet Wallet) is handmade.

10 card storage eyes

2 coins, receipts, checks, cards, etc. storage compartment

Its protective chamber surrounding the device provides ease of use.

It not only protects your phone thanks to its luxurious cover with cover, it also gains a more beautiful appearance thanks to its elegant design.

Protects the back, sides and front of the phone from scratches, dirt and bumps. (It has shock absorbing feature in falls, bumps.)

Maximum results in protecting your smartphone

You can use your phone in 2 ways as it is a magnetic model. (With both back cover and case)

You can use all the inputs comfortably. (Camera, charging, headphones etc.)

Compatible with 100% device

Decorative stitch & Great die cut

Magnet closing feature

Ease of speech, even with the lid closed, with the perforated construction on the front of the phone

Ease of use of your phone as you want with the different pouch feature of the case. (It gives you ease of use while watching movies, browsing applications etc.)

Designed as a unisex product.


Using the highest level grain skins in the entire product range forms the basis and inspiration of our boats. Only the finest materials are made to make our timeless and iconic parts from the world's most sophisticated tanneries living in North America and Italy. Natural premium grain leather adds a distinctive personality to the look, texture and smell experience of our products.


We went to dozens of factories and came to find talented artisans with real passion and expertise and worked in an ultra clean environment that we use to make our entire product range. Every step of the production process is done manually, with great attention to detail.

In addition to elegant and independent designs, we also produce completely handmade. We offer genuine leather products suitable for daily use to our valued customers with durability and personalized designs. We believe in the equality of women and men, so all our products are Unisex. We wish you pleasant shopping ...!

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