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For 15 years, Watchofroyal has become not just a brand in the world of fashion accessories, but also a masterpiece where sustainability and original designs come together. We go beyond just offering our customers elegance and functionality; We stand one step ahead with our environmentally friendly practices and creative design approach.

Sustainability is one of Watchofroyal's core values. We consider the protection of natural resources and the use of renewable materials as a priority duty in the production of our leather products. We try to minimize our environmental impact by applying waste reduction and energy efficiency strategies in the production processes we carry out in our own workshop. Additionally, we focus on durability and longevity to extend the life of our products and provide quality products to our customers.

Our designs are another element that determines Watchofroyal's identity. Our special designers work with great care to make each of our products unique. Fashion accessories such as leather wallets, handbags, card holders, laptop bags, desk pads, phone wallets, women's bags, clutch bags, travel bags, wristwatches, perfumes, t-shirts, phone cases, bracelets, necklaces, rings and sunglasses are in our collections. is located. Each of our products is designed to offer our customers elegance and originality together.

Watchofroyal exports its products to more than 180 countries around the world, not only thanks to its European warehouse in Germany, but also thanks to its original designs protected by international brand patents. This is a reflection of our brand being a well-known and appreciated brand in the international arena.

At Watchofroyal, we are determined to continue our journey of transforming the fashion world and bringing together sustainability and original design. Every product we offer to our customers is designed to reflect this vision.

We invite you to join the Watchofroyal family and contribute to a sustainable future while enjoying our world-class products. Join us to redefine fashion and make the world a better place

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