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Product Personalization

For personalization "Enter the personalization note" above the Add to Cart and Buy Now button, our company is not responsible for any printing errors that may arise due to incorrectly entered characters.

As the product personalization process, the writing process to the wallet, a process that is made on demand, is required, and there is no right to return / withdraw on the products where this process is performed.

NOTE: As a phone size: Compatible with all brands and models up to 162.5 x 78.1 x 8.6 mm.

Apple Iphone 11- 11PRO - 11PROMAX - Apple iPhone XS Max- Apple iPhone XR -Apple iPhone XS - Apple iPhone X - Apple iPhone 8 - Apple iPhone 8 Plus - Apple iPhone 7 - Apple iPhone 7 Plus - Apple iPhone 6s / 6 - Apple iPhone 6s / 6 Plus
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - Samsung Galaxy Note 9Plus - Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - Samsung Galaxy S9 - Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus - Samsung Galaxy S8 - Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus - Samsung Galaxy S7 - Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus - Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Huwai P20 Pro - Huwai P20 Lite - Huwai P30-P30PRO-P30lite-Huwai Mate Series
As a Phone Size: It is compatible with all brands and models up to 162.5 x 78.1.
- Compatible with All Brand Model Phones (162.5 x78.1 with all sizes)
- 14 Card Sections
- 3 Paper Money Compartments
- 1 Telephone Section
- 100% First Class Genuine Leather
- Fully Handmade Production
- Special Phone Protection Against Impact
- High Quality Magnet lock
- TSE and ISO 9002 Certificated
- Height 18 cm Width 9 cm
We produce elegant and independent designs custom made by size completely. Is Unisext. We offer genuine leather products suitable for daily use to our valuable customers based on durability and personal designs. We believe in the equality of Women and Men. We wish you pleasant shopping ...!

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